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Beginner Activist

Planting the Cyber Seed & Beginner Wrap Up

Class was held on 06.23.2011

Now that we've covered the basics of state and federal governments, as well as the general ways activists can be involved, let's look at online specifics. This 45 minute course will cover using Smart Girl Politics' Ning site, blogging, and social media. It will be a fast-paced lesson, but we'll have 15 minutes for questions and answers in addition to some printable material available for you to download.

Congratulations! You've successfully completed your Beginner Activist education. This session is designed to discuss any of the topics we've covered so far, ask questions, give feedback, and look ahead to the Intermediate Activist curriculum.

View class here.

You Voted for Them, Now What?

The class was held on 06.16.2011

This 40-minute class will show you how to effectively communicate with your elected representative, whether on the state or federal level. If you cast your ballot for them, you need to know how to hold them accountable; if you didn't vote for them, your voice needs to be heard because you're still their constituent! At the end, we'll have 20 minutes for questions, answers, and discussion.

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The Activist: Unplugged

The class was held on 06.09.2011

Not all political activism takes place online! This 40-minute class will give applicable and effective strategy when it comes to writing letters and editorials, calling radio shows, and recruiting other activists. You'll also learn how to find local groups to get plugged in with. We'll set aside 20 minutes for questions and answers, but you'll be on your way to "Boots On The Ground" status in no time!

View class here.

Big Fish in a Little Pond

Class was held on 05.19.2011

State-level politics need activists, too! This 40-minute presentation outlines government structures from the Governor and State Legislature, to Mayors, City Councils, and School Boards. 20 minutes will be left for questions and answers. Go Here to View

So You Want To Be An Activist?

Class was held on 5.5.2011


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You & The Fed

Class was held on 5.12.2011



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