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Frequently Asked Questions

All of our classes are free. To register go here https://smartgirlpolitics.webex.com You will receive an email. On Class day click the link in your email to join the class. You may call in to listen through your phone or listen through your computer speakers. You can ask quetsions in the chat. Book Club's are un-muted so we do recommend calling to have a better discussion on the book.

We normally only do the class one time however we do record them.

Please go here to find your topic or find the course rotations on the side.

Please note that the recordings don't always include the chat so it's hard to follow the discussion going on in the room. You may have a hard time seeing the visuals on archived classes but you can hear the entire class.

To take advantage of the classes to their fullest, we suggest that you join the SGP101 group here.